Bob and Jean Webb

there are specific directions in the shop manual for these cars to set up these carbs. they are different from conventional strombergs due to having no mixture adjustments and the linkage between the two is not connected together as with regular strombergs. you need to follow the procedure which includes making the wire bracket needed to set the linkage. you will find a long white plastic cover on the side of each carb. check the metal strip inside to make sure it’s intact and not broken. this is part of the mixture adjustment. these carbs are somewhat self adjusting but do run a little lean which is something you can’t do anything about. make sure the needle on the bottom of the piston is centered and not bent.if bent or not set right the piston can stick. is the intake manifold bolted to the top of the exhaust manifold and if so do you have the copper gaskets between the intake and exhaust manifolds. also make sure the vacuum line is hooked to each carb. the jets also are different from regular strombergs. if you don’t have the manual for this range of cars,i can copy and send you the section on the carbs.