I am a California Lic. producer for JC Taylor aka Foremost aka Farmers Insurance group. Lots of things to discuss vs a State Farm policy or a std Farmers policy. I too can write Antique Auto with Farmers or a true collector car policy with J C Taylor.
You can get agreed value with either BUT the State Farm or Farmers or Allstate other big boy non spec. program does not cover things not attached to your car. IE the Corvette guy who has the big buck Fuel Injection stolen from his open or burnt garage. In most every homeowners and std. auto policy parts not attached are Not Covered.
I am in California, and will respond to any question at 310 543 9833. Most states are very similar if not verbatim, I am only lic in calif. 0797983 state reqmt. for me to list my # when ever.

I do my Tiger with Farmers as it is a little less expensive and have immediate binding authority. The only if is a appraisal from a "qualified source" ex, a Club officer CAT TEAE etc. but it is always best to back things up with recent sales comps..
Cheers Warren