My current train of thought is that the problem may be related to the old Rhodes lifters. When I had the engine out, I did nothing with the lifters. Because the engine sounds and runs different every time it is started, and the lifters are the only valve components (Except the cam) that have not been replaced, I’m guessing that they may be the culprits. I took the car to the machine shop that sold me all the parts and it wouldn’t pop thru the carb even at high RPMs. The head engine builder in charge reved the crap out of it (I was waiting for it to blow up) and except for some valves that were clattering, it ran fairly well. His diagnosis, “Beats the heck out of me”. I will be taking it apart again this week to look at the rockers, springs, and push rods and if there is no obvious damage, plan on just yanking off the intake and buying a set of stock lifters. Am I taking a chance on wiping the cam by installing new lifters?