Welcome Bob! You found a great Tiger and thanks for sharing the story of it’s discovery. Can you post some photos of it as found?
I am partial to the color too-my car was made about 150 cars after yours and is the same color (Arctic White). There are quite a few club members near you and if you want to make a road trip, we will have 20+Sunbeams here in Columbia, SC on March 31st for our annual gathering. http://www.bccmc.com/CBC-VI.html
As far as your engine goes, the aftermarket intake on your car would fit on a 260, 289, or 302 so it does not mean you have a 289 in your car. It would be hard to tell without taking a few parts off and checking parts numbers and a few measurements.
Keep us posted on how your Tiger is coming along and when you get it started! Eric