quote crisistoy65:

Glad to hear you’re back up Ron. When I stopped I thought that you may be in for a long winter under the Alpine. See you in the spring.

So did I, Ronnie. I was imagining all sorts of nasties waiting for me under there. I still won’t be convinced of my repairs, until I have a few miles on her. Thanks again for stopping by and lending some moral support. Before you stopped by a guy in a nice Triumph, survivor, also stopped to offer assistance.

I did call VB, Gene, and after getting through to support, I found out that they are aware of the size problem. Eventhough I’d bought them last spring, and didn’t have the reciept, they were still willing to have ’em returned. My mechanic friend said they might work, as an oversized, if the A-arm mounting ring is roached. Did you write something, awhile back, about your experience? I thought I remember reading of someone w/the same problem. I mentioned that I’d heard there was a problem, but they said there hadn’t been any other complaints. Seems they wouldn’t be aware of the problem, if there hadn’t been any other complaints :?. Worth giving them a call.
I miss my baby in the garage, kind of an empty feeling, but it’s giving me some room to work on my bike. Paint guy is waiting for some warmer weather to lay down the paint.
Stay well, all.