Hi, glad to hear things ended up as well as they did, considering.

Just wanted to comment about the upper ball joints from VB being too big. Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Sounds like they are still a problem. At the time I just blamed myself for buying from them in the first place and put the joints on a shelf thinking it was just money lost. The ones from SS that I subsequently got pressed in very, very nicely.

I have recently heard that VB is pretty good about refunds for parts that do not work. I would strongly suggest you let them know about the size problem and see if they will accept a return and do a refund. Also, if they still have bad inventory, maybe letting them know will save some of our fellow enthusiasts some grief. Hopefully VB will take the batch they have off their shelf. Something I should have spoken up about when I had the same problem a couple of years ago. Let us know if they do anything about this?

Regards, Gene