quote Mark1A:

Nice Jerry.
Your car is awesome… I’d bet that there were a few surprised looks on [uninformed] faces as you made those passes 😯
There may be some curious folks who NOW know about Tigers!
How many rounds to win?
That whole reaction time / consistency thing looks pretty tough to me.
And it has gotta be nice too to go home after a weekend like that with everything in “operating condition” :mrgreen:


Mark at this last race we did a 30mile drive then we ran 3 back to back passes without opening the hood or the trunk its alot harder then it sounds.
We averaged 10:10 and reaction times did’nt mean anything.
On Sunday I got to run in the quick 16 fastest true street class and reaction times did count and we were running on a 400 pro tree and I’m still pretty good on that light, I got to the semi’s and an a 9:70 @143 with a 4:39 reaction time but got beat by my buddy’s 8 sec mustang 🙁