Ron and Cathy Stein

Hi Jack

I am on the organizing committee and we stayed at the hotel late last week to experience the hotel more including the rooms and food and some committee members hadn’t seen the facilities before. All aspects of the hotel are excellent by the way. You couldn’t ask for a better place for a car meet: recently redone rooms, roomy attached hospitality and parts room, large banquet room, central restaurant in the high atrium lobby, indoor pool, a car wash area and a parking lot that holds 300 cars for 147 rooms. We started with a 50 room block which filled quickly, then the manager agreed to increase that to 60, which also filled up, then we squeezed out another 10, which brought it up to 70 rooms, which are now filled, so last week the limit has been set at 83, which is the max, max, max that is available, so when they are gone, that’s it. It is an extremely busy time for the hotel as they have regulars for British Car Day and the Toronto International Film Festival, the second largest in the World is on at the same time. I don’t know why you had a problem as there should be no issue booking so I will have that relayed to the hotel. Perhaps you just timed it before the added rooms were released.

The organizing committee has discussed security and investigated it with the hotel and discussed it with the TEAE Board and it was decided there would be no special security. There apparently has been no security at a United for many, many years. It is simply much just too expensive for the budget in order to make the event as affordable as possible to members. I am not aware of any incidents at previous events, so it hasn’t been an issue.

The hotel has security cameras, and we have arranged to have exclusive use to parking on two sides of the building, where access will be controlled. I have attended a number of Uniteds, and have found that participants linger in the lot until the wee hours at night and activity restarts extremely early in the morning, so there really isn’t much time where nobody is around the cars. If you look at Google maps of the hotel we will control the entire west parking lot and all around the back.

In general, Oakville is a safe attractive community, and I have absolutely no concerns parking my Tiger at the hotel. I think thieves these days are focussed on catalytic converters anyways…. As has been posted on Facebook previously, one of the best theft deterrents in today’s world is driving a standard….lol

We hope you you decide to come join us. Assuming Mother Nature co-operates, which has good odds in September our way, British Car Day is going to be spectacular. The organizers have been extremely accommodating and reserved 100 spaces for our group, with a possibility of expanding that if required. We are confident there is a very good chance we will meet or exceed that number. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your car in a sea of Sunbeams and Rootes cars, and tell people you were at the largest single day gathering of British cars in North America, and the largest TEAE United ever! THE BCD record is something over 1300 British cars, and the organizers are thinking they will break that record, after two years of Covid cancellations. In other words, once you tire of seeing Sunbeams, there will be an unbelievable number and variety of British cars to view. My advice, wear a good pair of walking shoes…