Even if we were able to come to the United, we’d be bringing an Imp anyway. I’m trying to maintain the original suspension on the Series 3, so that means making parts that are Unobtainium. Its taking longer than I thought due to other issues. The NOS QH fulcrum pins I got off eBay worked, but one was VERY tight. We had to grind it a little and re-fit it more than once.

The engine compartment isn’t even prepped for paint yet.

Here’s my custom trunnion bushing assembly. The originals were so loose, its no wonder the wheel was juddering the whole way up and back from Maine. I couldn’t go more than 55mph comfortably.

The assembly sits on a grade 8 bolt precision ground to fit into the lower A-arm. I drilled and tapped a new zerk fitting to grease the bushings from the center. They will seal by o-rings that fit tightly to the outside of the bushings against the A-arm. The drawback is that any caster adjustment will have to be made by shims or at the top ball joint.
I still have the passenger side to make yet.