So….How lucky is it that of the two Toploader Specialist listed on Tigers United, one of them is about an hour away?

I called Dan Williams yesterday and spoke with him. Great guy! He told me to "just bring it on over and we’ll take a look at it." I got there at 4:30. I didn’t realize that "we’ll take a look at it" was just he and I. He spent the next three hours with me going through the transmission. It was hard for me to tell when he was being sarcastic with me, and when he was actually serious. Those of you who know me might find that hard to believe, given my sarcastic nature, but it is true.

I get to keep the bellhousing that I have. My transmission body will be changed from a C4 to a C5, and the yoke will be changed to match the bellhousing. On top of that, I’ll be getting the wide ratio gearing installed. In Dan’s words, "That’s the cat’s ass!"

I’m guessing somewhere along the way to (attempting) becoming a more politically correct society, "Cat’s Ass" got replaced with "Cat’s Meow." I like "Cat’s Ass" better.

Thanks Again Guys!

P.S. Joel: the radiator shroud worked out really well. Thanks!