Ok guys, now that I’ve actuallly looked at the tach, I understand where and how it connects— which brings us to the second part of the confusion. Where that tach wire comes out of the harness there is about 8 inches before the little plastic gizmo and then about another 24 inches after the plastic block Does this end connect to the ignition switch ? If so, where in gods creation is the other end ? I’ve got a pretty good idea where it ends up (ballast resistor ?) but I have no idea where it exits the harness. I’ve been running a continuity light for a couple days now and can’t find the engine side end .

You have to forgive me for asking simple questions but this car had a "custom dash" and the PO used mostly orange or brown wire for EVERYTHING. Most every wire under the dash has been spliced and naturally has lost the correct color code. Kind of a fun part of the job but frustrating at times. Typical example, all the gauges were aftermarket so he tossed the voltage stabilizer and paired up and dead-ended all those wire. Bob