Good grief, I’ve budgeted two years and 10K, don’t tell me to multiply by 2 or 3 times , I’m 76 and hope to finish this thing while I can still drive. I’m not looking to build a show car (sorry) my plan is a decent looking , good running DRIVER. I owned one back in ’66 when I was big into autocrossing so this is just for fun. I have a couple older cars that are well sorted and don’t need much and I had this need to get something I could get my hands dirty on. Do you think I have succeeded ?

I never noticed that notation on the inspection sticker, can’t imagine why, it has all it’s lights, although I don’t know if any of them work. The chassis is quite rust free with the original inner and outer rockers but the trunk floor is mostly missing and the other floors marginal. Frame rails and spring attachments are good though.

Actually if I never finish it that’s OK along as I enjoy playing around with it. I’ll probably be back here looking for parts and advice. Car came with a lot of used parts so I may be looking to barter some of what I have for what I need. Bob