It can be adjusted, but first check to be sure the quarter window isn’t out of adjustment. Compare the angle of the window end to the door, are they the same on each door. If not the window tracks and quarter window can be adjusted from the rubber plugs on the bottom of the door, the track bottoms can move by loosening the small bolt head found when the plugs are removed.
As for the windshield, Sunbeam Specialties sells a set of adjusting sleeves for the windshield frame. These allow you to adjust with the frame on the car. However, it needs to be removed in order to install them. Which isn’t so bad when you consider that adjusting it bu replacing the rubber shims under the corners also requires removing the frame. But working with shims can mean removing and replacing several times as you fine tune the fit. With the sleeves you can move it around with a socket and the door open without taking it on and off several times.