You probably know that getting a Tiger TAC inspection requires a team of three certified inspectors. One of those inspectors must be a senior inspector. All of the inspectors are volunteers. In other words, there is no compensation for inspectors time or expense.

I am a senior inspector and I have a cadre of inspectors in the Baltimore Washington area that work with me. We generally try to field a team at major TEAE events during the year and occasionally do a local (to us) event. If there is enough demand in an area (six or seven cars) we try to travel to the area and meet that request.

That said, with the pandemic, we have not done any inspections since February 2020. As you may imagine there is pent up demand for TAC inspections. Once the pandemic subsides, we will start doing TAC inspections again.

If you are interested in bringing your car to the Baltimore Washington area for an inspection, let me know.

If someone is willing to take the lead in a geographical area and get a commitment for 6 or 7 cars, arrange for a place to do the inspections, and any other logistics, we will make every effort to travel to that location.

As an example, we flew a team into Albany some years back and used a hotel entrance way to do the inspections since it was raining. The hotel was about 20 minutes from the airport. Several of the Tiger owners were staying at the hotel and the manager was willing to accommodate his guests.

More recently, an owner in the Pittsburg area assembled a group of cars for inspection at the Shelby Convention. He arranged for the use of one of the garages at the track for the inspections. It was a five hour drive for the TAC team. Seeing a GT40, some Cobras, and GT350s at speed on the road course provided some compensation.

Send an email to tcalvert@syntek.org with your contact information, your location, and if you have any interest in bringing your car to the Baltimore Washington area. I will file your information along with the others that I already have. I will send a notice to you when we start doing inspections again.

Currently, the only planned inspection even is at SUNI VII in Independence, MO Sep 13-17, 2021. That is assuming SUNI VII takes place as planned.

Tom Calvert