That’s an interesting story about the engine bolting up tot the three speed transmission. That never would have occurred to me.

SIVAllen, I have zero doubt that the correct MKII transmission is the HEH-CF, and the 289 in those cars was definitely a six bolt, not five bolt. The six bolt bell housing used was the 65DA-6394-A. These parts are all exceptionally hard to find. The only other car I know that used the HEH-CF transmission was the TVR Griffith, of which very few were ever made. I know this not only from numerous conversations with the "gurus", but because I’ve "dissected/inspected" a Mark II that was all original but was allowed to rust away, and this is the original equipment in the car. Also, Norm Miller says clearly in some of his writings that the information out there that the HEH-B was the transmission in the MKII was wrong. Someone in the past made a mistake. The good news is that I think the HEH-B has the same specs as the HEH-CF, but is still not "correct" for the MKII Tiger, only because of the ID plate number. I hope that helps. Cheers.