Jeff Nichols

    I had a 260 with the Edelbrock 289 low rise manifold and Edelbrock 600 cfm with electric choke and the car ran great. Some have said the 600 cfm is too much carb for the 260 engine but in this case it worked fine. Edelbrock carb uses vacuum secondary and only opens what is needed by the engine. In the 15 years I used it I never adusted anything other than the idle speed when new. Some swear by Holley carbs but they seem to need fiddling to work right.

    My new 260 engine has 260 heads with slightly larger valves and port work. Also, a street grind roller cam with roller rockers, roller chain, Edelbrock F4b manifold and 600 cfm Edelbrock carb. Another Tiger owner built a similar engine and got 278HP on a dyno and I’m hoping for similar HP.

    One other thing you should use is a Pertronics ignition.