TEAE promoted an extensive Talbot marketing campaign for the 2003 BASH in concert with the support of Bob Hamilton. Bob had amassed a dossier of all known Talbot owners and continues to be focal point of all things Talbot. Bob, in concert with TEAE’s Rootes America agenda is exactly the platform needed to help the Talbot owners organize. The UNITED and BASH are the two major events that provide an opportunity. AS noted before, TEAE is the center piece for all Rootes vehicles. Not just Alpine’s and Tiger’s of the 60’s. They just make the most noise. We need to encourage Talbot owners to use the forum and the Website as a center piece for their PR and group communication. It’s for their benefit. Why not use the 2011 BASH as a catalyst to further develop the ranks of Talbot owners. BTW, the BASH can be anywhere in Central PA. It can be a single or multi-day independent event or piggy back with an existing event like Import Carlisle. We do need to make some choice soon so we can plan for next year. I’d like to see the Talbot Alpines be the BASH theme again and encourage Ray to help make it happen. It’s time to talk about some ideas for execution. As the Central PA Rep, I need to make something happen soon. If someone knows Ray’s phone # I’ll give him a ring. Or if you read this Ray, call me ,Tom Ehrhart 717-832-1116