Joey Hiykel

ok i got a update on the battery situation. I norrowed it down to one fuse side. Its the Left side if your on the side of the fuse box. Or the side with the horns map light ….etc…… But i had everything off except one horn. And it still was making a spark. Very small spark, but it still made one. So do you think it could be that horn? It worked normal when i hit the horn button. I also had the horn button unplugged when i did the test too. So it must me that horn, or it is something else that is touchin that fuse some place or something.

I also didnt realize that i had a 15amp fuse in. Someone was saying that if you have too little that it wont blow cuz its so small but it wouldnt let enough power threw to make like a discharge or something. But i changed that to 2 30s cuz they dont make 35 ne more. Or they didnt have any.