Linda and I went to the crabfeast yesterday. Thanks for posting the invitation, Eric. We’d, also, like to thank our hosts Tom and Kathy Calvert, who held it at their beautiful home on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, MD. It was like walking onto a ’60’s car lot. Granted I’ve not been in the "Sunbeam" world very long, but I didn’t think there were that many, within easy driving distance. I’ve been to several, local, car shows, this summer, and only saw one other Sunbeam, Jack Swift’s Tiger, who was at the feast. Several came from PA and NJ. Lots of beautiful examples of Tigers and Alpines, w/1 Auston Healey. The weather was perfect for top down driving, the "bay-bugs" were delicious and the company was friendly. We met several people I’ve heard of, on the forums, like Tiger Tom, and saw a beautiful example of one of Jose’s V6 conversions. I even picked up a couple of parts. Phill Jones gave me a NOS exhaust downtube and y-collector, for my, eventual, exhaust replacement (Thanks Phill) and I bought an original exhaust gasket and soft-top hold down straps. The boat ride was a wonderful plus and we thank the captain for a nice ride. Too many names, for this old memory, sorry, I can’t remember all the names of the others we met. Linda and I had a great time, and for her to have a good time w/a bunch of car nuts, says a lot for the company. Thanks all for a wonderful time.
Anyway, here are some pictures