I didn’t take a single photograph yesterday. The weather forecast looked ominous as we crossed the river into Lancaster County. The rain held off until we were safely parked at the show. It rained for a few minutes every half hour for a while, then it stopped and the sun came out. There were clouds to the north and south of us, but we had sunshine for the Polo Match. The Lancaster team won.

Rootes cars in attendance were:
two Tigers (Carl Moon and Lori Noyes)
one Alpine (Rob Perlis)
two Imps (Valerie Smyder and Malcolm Reid)

In general attendance to the show was down, as the threat of rain probably scared everyone off. There was only about a quarter of the field filled as compared to past years. The door prizes were therefore plentiful. I think everyone in our group got something.

This was the first show for Carl’s green Tiger. We managed to get the hard top on it before leaving his house. He was grinning the whole time behind the wheel. It thundered down the highway ahead of the Imp with no problems. This was also the first time we had Malcolm Reid’s imported ’68 RHD forest green Hillman Super Imp join us for a show. He drove in from the Allentown area with his son James. It was nice to see another Imp, especially one so carefully maintained… and with a 930 block and dual Strombergs.

Many thanks to the LANCO MG Club for another wonderful event.

Let’s hope for good weather for the Crab Feast.