I am afraid your are right. I was looking in another forum and read that the small block Ford stock valve springs frequently do not get along with even a mild cam and tend to bind. I’m going to go through the fuel system(lines, filter, etc.) tonight. If that doesn’t help, I may try pulling the plug wire in the suspect cylinder and see what that does. What the heck, it works for the Nascar guys. Can you tell that I’m not looking forward to pulling the valve covers again? As a game plan D or E or whatever I am up to, I scheduled Thursday off to and get this thing running properly before we leave for Atlanta on Friday. If I have to adjust the valves (again), I have to drop it to get the cover off, raise it to start the engine and adjust the valves, drop it again to put the valve cover back on and raise it again with a prayer. Is this hobby fun or what?