I had a talk with our contact at The Samoset, Will Clayton, yesterday and he explained that it is the policy of the hotel to charge for extra people in a room. However, he said that they would not do that for our event and would make the change for the member who had already been charged. Please let me know if anyone has any further difficulties along this line. I did not get a definitive answer to whether they were completely booked (outside of our block of rooms) but Will told me it was entirely possible, even at this early date. Columbus Day is a big deal in Maine, if you have never experienced it, due to it being close to peak fall color which brings many visitors (often referred to as "leaf-peepers"). It was just that weekend over thirty years ago that my wife and I first came to Maine and I clearly remember having some difficulty finding a place to stay. Things have not changed much, apparently. The lesson, then, is to make your reservation early. If anyone has other questions or concerns, please contact me either by email at todbrown@roadrunner.com , at 207-832-9914 or through the Forum.

Hope to see you all here in October.