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I have just realised that Weiand make another intake, the Action Plus (8124), which is a low-rise manifold like the Edelbrock Performer (2121). It is a more modern design than the Performer and it is apparently more efficient, according to Holley.
The rear heights of the two intakes are the same at 4.75 inches.
The only difference is that the front height of the Weiand 8124 is 0.32 inches taller
(3.82 compared to 3.50).
Does anybody know of someone using this intake on a Tiger, under a fully closed stock hood with a suitable air cleaner/filter?
The front dimension is only 0.32 inches more, but it could break the whole deal with the Tiger’s sloping hood!


I am running the Weiand action plus on my stock 260 with an Edelbrock carburettor. The stock Tiger air cleaner fits under the hood/bonnet with no issues, but anything taller unless a drop base will give you problems. I tried to reinstall my aftermarket "Tiger" embossed air cleaner assembly and it is too close to the hood (basically only the gasket between the intake & carby) 😡 . Due to the weird size air cleaner, there are not many air cleaner options for me so back to the original for the moment.

Regards, Robin.