Jim I too think the cars are too high in the front. The distance from the top of the tire to the lip of the fender on the later cars is huge. I have heard all sorts of reasons for this from Rootes did it to meet bumper height requirments to Tiger rated springs used on all the cars. What ever the reason it looks funny.

How to lower the car.. well you could chop some length off the coil springs. This changes the stiffness of the springs but I have heard of folks cutting off 1/2 to 1 coil and getting a better stance. Then there is a rubber cushion that the coil rests on that you can remove which will drop the car a bit, again ride may be a little more harsh. The SIII coils are shorter by around an inch so you can swap for a set of those. Then there are the Hillman spindles. Some of the Hillman cars have a spindle that that the axle stub is about an inch higher than the Alpine spindle. These are rare and wonderful and of course worth a packet that is if you can find a set. I had heard at one time that the Hillman dropped spindle only came on cars delivered to the Australian market which is untrue or in plain terms BS as I found my SV Minx has a set and it is a US car. Doug Jennings also informed me they came on US spec Hillmans. So to bring my SV Alpine down to earth it will get a set of the SIII springs from VB and Hillman spindles from the Minx. Then the other thing I am doing which might be a little more than you care to get into is add a 2.8 V6 and a T5. There is just no easy way to do it but I think the lower look is worth the effort.