Ron & Linda Jones

    I went out today, sorted through the bits and cleaned stuff up. The lights and most of the chrome stuff is in pretty good shape, it looks like everythings there. The trunk hinges are pretty pitted, and the grill arch has a couple of crinkles, but everything cleaned up pretty good w/vfine steel wool. I wire brushed the headlight buckets and put on a couple of coats of rustoleum. I think I’ve figured out the headlight assembly and ordered the trimmer screw kit. I also went through the baggies, that came w/the car. Some of the baggies have "labels" but most have faded, then there is the obvious stuff. The stuff in them are pretty rusted and dirty, but I now at least have some bolts, nuts and screws I can match up, at the hardware store. I found the springs and finials for the inner door handles/window winders and 2 rear bumper bolts. One strange thing, there aren’t enough holes on the trunk for the sunbeam letters. There’s only 6 sets of holes and sunbeam has 7 letters???
    I ordered almost all the gaskets, I’m gonna need, from VB, but still need the headlight bucket to body gaskets. SS has them, so I’m gonna have to wait to order on Monday. I’ll probably get the differential gasket also. There was about 1/4 inch of grease I scrapped off, before the undercoating.
    I hate waiting and I hate not being able to get everything from one place! 👿
    In the meantime I guess, I’ll continue w/the interior.