Ron & Linda Jones

    I thought I’d do a little update on this post. I couldn’t tell from the pics as to how the firewall pivot point was located. I have a bracket that places this pivot point about 2 inches higher than the weber throttle. I’ve removed this bracket and moved it 2" lower. This has given me a straight shot from the pivot point to the weber throttle. It’s also caused the straight vertical rod from pedal actuator to be too close to the horizontal rod from pivot point to weber. I’m gonna have to bend this vertical rod a bit to compensate. The owner of a small local shop has given me an idea about using a piece of all-thread and a connector to link the weber throttle to the horizontal linkage rod. I think I can put the 90* bend in the all-thread instead of the linkage rod, w/o using a hi-temp torch. I’m probably not explaining this well, but when I get it sorted out, I’ll post pics.
    Thanks for the help