I don’t know your location, but I’m sure every state has slightly different regulations about this.

In Pennsylvania you can get classic plates, which require a safety inspection, or antique plates which do not. Antique are 25 years or older; I think classic are 15 or older. Antique plates require photographs of the car be submitted to the state along with notarized documentation of ownership, etc. I’m not sure about the classic plates.

There was a reg some time ago about driving antiques after dark but that has been lifted.

I have Condon & Skelley out of New Jersey (used to live in NJ) insuring my Tiger MKI (not for sale) and my 1965 Mustang (for sale, make offer). Tiger value $24K, Mustang $21K (not looking for this for car sale), about $475 per year for the two with maximum liability and $0 deductible. Restricted to 2,500 miles per year each, and I doubt I put 1,000 on either of them.

I may increase the value on the Tiger at next renewal.

Fred Baum