Ron & Linda Jones

    Yeah, I’m pretty happy, Eric. I did get out there today filled the radiator, and gave her a start. I kept her running a good long while, but didn’t get any water movement. I hope the thermostat just didn’t open, I hope it’s not the water pump. After running a bit she smoothed out a lot, but the idle is still too high. I still have the oil guage hooked up, so while it was running, I looked @ the guage. The needle looked to be around center left, kinda hard to see w/all the dirt. I’m gonna try to play w/the jet settings, to see if I can drop the idle. I tried playing w/the slow adjustment screw, but it didn’t do anything. I haven’t set the fast idle yet. An electric fuel pump is probably in the future. As well as the manifold Fred brought to my attention, a buddy may have a solex and/or a zenith, single, carb/manifold setup. This is the guy that told me about this Alpine. He said he would know on Saturday.
    Robin, as I’ve indicated not much was working, when I got her. Quite a bit of surface rust, only the spare tire well is rusted through, frame appears straight. I’ve cleaned and rattlecaned the engine compartment. All the he hydraulics, brakes and clutch, were completely frozen, but seemed to have had new kits installed so I tore them down, cleaned them up and put them back together. I appear to have pressure, but needs to be bled, some more. I’m not sure if the clutch is disengaging, though. I’ve replaced the clutch slave cyl, plugs, plug wires, points and condenser. The brake booster was really in bad shape, so I’ve rebuilt that. I removed all the interior rags that used to be carpet and insulation, scrapped off the surface rust and repainted w/rustoleum. I got a VicBrit carpet kit and used it as a stincil to cut out insulation and have temproaraly laid some of it. All the rubber molding needs to be replaced, I think I’ve purchased all the pieces. I"ve removed the windshield from the frame and frame from car. One side window is broken, but I have a replacement in the "extras" pile that came w/it, as well as most/all the chrome trim and a replacement top. The seats seem to be in decent shape. I’ve also removed the dash padding from the dash and pulled the dash out, and pulled the engine wireing into the interior compartment, better viewing/testing/accessability. I’m not sure if the alternator and electricals are working. I’m also in the process of stripping the wheels, for repaint. There are probably other things I’ve done and forgotten, as well as redoing somethings right, after doing it wrong.
    Sorry, to be so long, Robin, but you did ask 😉 🙂