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I would like you to post information on your sight asking the following question: “How much would Tiger and Alpine enthusiasts pay for a totally new Tiger or Alpine?” Totally original dimensions with improvement on deficiencies, either purchased as a kit (body shell only) or complete vehicle (choice of 260, 289, 302 w/a 4 or 5 speed).

I am trying to gauge the market potential before I make an investment in the venture.

Thank you.

R Lance

As much fun as that sounds.. just dont see it happening. The value of an alpine would make the tooling completely unviable.. and im guessing the same with tigers.. not to mention that you are looking at a small market comed to comaros, mustangs, triumphs. mg’s.. then there is the desireability and price issue of the things like GT40’s and cobras which makes replicas stack up.

Dont mean to dampen the parade.. but cant see it happening.

If you had acess to tooling and wanted to make some good $ off sunbeam folk.. and provide a good source for us.. accurate floor pans, front valences, sills and hardtops would be a good choice. We are always looking for these.