With this screwed up economy, my priorities for the car have gone through some changes. I had to rebuild the front suspension a couple of months ago due to crossmember failure and spent a ton of $$ even though I already had many of the parts. I installed a pair of "new" forty year old springs and it raised the front of the car about 1.5". It looked kind of silly with the front high and the rear squatting so I made the budget driven decision to re-arch rather than replace. When I went to the spring shop, they recommended that I just add a leaf first and then see if I still needed to re-arch. They added a leaf about 50% thicker than the others and, to make a long story short, it raised the rear about 1.5" While I was at it, I decided to install the bolt-on Traction Masters that had been sitting on a shelf and will now have to find a deserted stretch of road to see if they really work.