The story continues…with a happy ending believe it or not. First I lessened tire pressure all around and set Konis to soft. That made some improvement but not what I was looking for. More $$$ spent on the MG Midget steering change from Dale. Well worth the $$$, at least with the size wheels I have. The car now stays on the road, the front end can be aligned and I don’t have to worry about it drifting all over creation. Positraction and a set of rear springs, from Dale, completed the improvements. I did have to prune the lip on the rear quarters slightly for clearance. The car sits lower with the new springs. What a nice ride, and with the 5 speed from Tom Hall I get close to 21mpg on the highway if I don’t go crazy; 302 Ford crate motor, 340HP.

Phil Peron and I are planning to attend the United in DC – we’re driving this critter.