Modified is a word of art.I still have my Series 5 stock Alpine[purchased off the showroom floor in NYC in 1966;got a 5 year 50,000 mile Chrysler warranty;traded my 1960 Series 1] but the Series 5 now has a large racing number affixed on each door saying Long Island Road Ralley 1906…dont know what that means but got it at a later 2000 era ralley[2006?] and left this "modification" on the car.Also put magnetised flames on the hood/bonnet.The car did have an engine compartment fire years ago blistering the hood somewhat so this "modification"helps hide the damage and is some form of acknowledgement to the God of fire who spared the car. I also installed a Weber 32/36 carb and put the leaking Strombergs in a box…save everything.The Series 1 and 5 Alpines were/are nice driving cars. The Tiger II is more work and a different experience.Good luck with your modified Alpine. Frank Mooney