I couldn’t figure out how to post a picture, so I posted that question on the “help” section of the forum. Until I get the pic’s posted, here’s some additional description: 1- forward mount of the shocks/trac-bars is to the inside of the forward spring eye, using the spring monting bolt (longer than stock I assume), 2- rear mount is is just below and inboard of where the spring attaches to the axle with U-bolts, using what appears to be a specially fabricated axle mounting pad, 3- externally, the units look like Koni shocks with a female mount at each end, except there’s an elongated welded “hump” near the fixed end of the shock unit, running about 6 ” long by 1″ by 1″.

…. probably not very helpful, I’ll post the pic’s as soon as I can.