It is pretty well back together now and I am almost finished bleeding money. I just have to put it back in the car and have the front end aligned. For any of you thinking about taking on this project, the math looked like this.
Ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings and seals, sway bar bushings, and rubber snubbers $385
Fulcrum pin bushings $120 (I already had these but that is the rounded SS price)
The first crappy shop that turned the rotors, installed the upper bushings and failed to install the lower bushings $140. This was a bit high because I had them remove the pins from the spare A-Arms and install them in the A-Arms off of the car.
The second shop that installed the lower bushings $140
Welding $60
Nuts, bolts and washers $125 (mostly Grade 8)
Wheel studs $50
Total $1,020
Hopefully, the alignment cost will be the end.