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Tell us your tale of woe buying the Tiger in 1994. Was it a fake marketed as bona fide?

I have mentioned it before but here goes – I found the "Tiger" at a collector car dealership in down town San Diego, it was priced to be and displayed as a Tiger. I only knew a little about Tigers and fell in love with the car immediately. I paid $17,000 for it and got $6,500 trade in on a 59 Austin Healey Sprite I was driving at the time. Long story short, with the help of CAT club members (Smitty), I discovered it was a fake. I went back to the dealer and told them the story and they claimed that it was a "consignment" car and would not take it back or give me the previous owners name. They are lucky they did not a get a brick or two through their windows.

I was in the military (Marine Corps), as I am now (Army), and soon moved to Fort Rucker Alabama. Luck shined on me and I totaled the car one day (for real, was not trying). That was also the day that my wife told me she was pregnant with our son. The car was gone, the insurance company paid for the "Tiger", I was out from under a car payment and I bought a 67 MGB GT with the money I cleared from the settlement.

The fake was sold for salvage in Enterprise Alabama in late 95 or early 96, can’t remember. It was a metallic blue with a custom tan interior, chrome roll bar and powered by a 302. The VIN was 382000326. It was bought by a body shop in the area. Norman Miller knows all about it and it is documented as a fake if it ever surfaces again.

Here are the only pictures I have of the car –