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The others’ comments are fair.

I don’t care either way, but why is it fair? Guilty until proven innocent.

Duke has asked for a number of pictures for his car…

There have been a number of cars on Ebay recently with pictures, whether they are correct or not is debatable.


Within the given context, which is pretty thin, those kinds of questions are going to be viewed with some suspicion. If you look at TR’s other post you find out that he’s trying an "original" restoration of a Tiger. Fair enough, but how trashed does a Tiger have to be that it’s not certain how the OEM exhaust was routed? I realize that some people are much more picky about original details than others, and if you are planning to compete in some concours competitions then you have to be.

As you say, there are numerous pictures on the Web that show exhaust arrangements. The Alpine/Tiger Gold Porfolio, and Mike Taylor’s book, both show several under-the-car pictures that date back to when the original exhausts would have been on the cars in question.
TR could also contact Rick at Sunbeam Specialties and buy an exhaust system, which is going to be as near OEM spec as anyone is going to find these days. There are several other places also offering stock-replacement exhaust systems, and asking specific questions about those would likely get TR better answers.

I don’t participate in formal concours competition; I don’t know if you’d be downgraded for showing the car with a stock-replacement exhaust over a ratty original one.