quote V Mad:

For anyone wanting to make a simple bracket that works, I used a piece of 2×1/4 inch steel, just 3 holes to drill. The mounted the alternator using a piece of steel tubing as a spacer. Its quite a rigid structure so no need for bracing etc.

With all due respect, you’re going to have problems with that setup. The 15 pound (or whatever it is) cast-iron piece that comes standard on most Fords, or the piece that mounts the OEM generator, is overkill, but you do need something that has some torsional rigidity. The end of the alternator where the belt is needs to be braced to the engine, because the belt tension is working on that end of the alternator. Giving it that much leverage is going to wear out and break your upper bolt inside of 1000 miles, especially if you use the upper end of the RPM range.