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Hi Chris,

What is the purpose of the weight loss? Are you going to race your Tiger? Instead of stripping weight, why not increase your horsepower to overcome the weight issues. I would have thought that 1200Kg’s was a fairly reasonable weight.

Regards, Robin.

Hi Robin

Weight loss improves acceleration, cornering ability (MOI etc), and can reduce fuel consumption as a bonus. So why not aim to shed a few pounds? And there are quite a few opportunities to do this on the tiger.

I do like to ‘use’ my Tiger on the road, and I have also done some track days which are real fun.
When comparing the tiger with the V6 Alpine, the Alpine responds quicker to steering inputs, and, for example on a track day I think I would get through the bends quicker (I am planning to try it this year). There are too many little hot hatchbacks that sneak past the Tiger on bends, espcially at the chicanes. Fitting 15 inch low profiles did help quite a bit there though.

I think my obsession with weight loss all started when I took off the iron intake manifold-much heavier than an Aluminium one. Then I removed the dynamo bracket, another great lump of iron! These changes didnt cost much money, and were easy to do.

Increasing horsepower on the 260 Tiger engine would be great but I would lose some of the wonderful torque available at low revs (send me a 302 and I might be persuaded!).