there are many ways to do it depend on how much stress you anticipate. this is the basic thickening that doug jennings does which is about the most you can do if you are keeping the stock clips.

http://owainlloyd.no-ip.com:8080/photos … G3123.html

http://owainlloyd.no-ip.com:8080/photos … G3191.html
close up:
http://owainlloyd.no-ip.com:8080/photos … G3199.html

also, make sure you turn the bushing shells down a little before fitting as they are too large. are you using new fulcrum pins? you’d be well advised to use doug’s hardened pins if they are still the originals.

i like to do most stuff myself but i had him do the bushings, pins and sway bar mounts for me. it was less than 500 bucks for shipping, pins, bushings and labour and i got them back in a couple of days.