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which clutch did you put in out of interest? i know you have a stock 260. is it the same clutch as I’d use in a 302 or is the the 302 clutch a little bigger? mine has started to smell when i slip it. i suspect its on its way out after too much exuberant side stepping and slipping that looong first gear! when it does go, i’ll take the opportunity to reinforce and re-align the cross member and maybe even drop in one of tom’s t5 kits.

I have fitted a Sachs 10 inch diphragm type which was compatible with the stock flywheel (3-pairs of holes). My supplier says he sells quite a few to Tiger owners with no complaints. These will fit 289/302 if they have the correct holes in the flywheel, but some small block clutches are bigger and have different flywheels/hole mounts.

I was impressed with how well the original clutch held out. Even with oil contamination, plus the disc was worn out, and it still held up under hard acceleration. But pulling away from standstill I could tell it was weak; there was no bite to it so thats why I replaced it.