quote mikephillips:

Found my measurements for the crossmember. These are from r/h side to l/h side.

Shock upper mount holes 31 3/4″
Front mount to body bolt holes 24 1/4″
Rear mount to body bolt holes 22 5/8″
Rack mount bolt holes 12 5/8″
Front of upper A arm mount area 30 3/8″
Rear of upper A arm mount area 28 3/16″

The last 2 are at the very ends of the flat area wheere the A arm mounts.

Mike, are these measurements the standard required, or are they obtained from your car?

I measured across the shock tips at 82cm which is 32 1/4 in. Thats half inch more than yours. Does not sound like I have a sag problem.

Sunbeam2005, did you say you had pics of where yours broke? If you could email or post me some I could easily work out where best to brace the towers. I guess its where the rectangular section is welded on to the cylindrical base. The welds look quite small and are limited to the corner edges. I would have expected a thicker weld fillet along those edges. I could weld over the existing welds, or add more metal maybe.