Dad is a TE/AE member and I used to tag along to club events as a teen. He was rebuilding the brakes about 19 years ago and never got them put back together… so it hasn’t run since then. The pieces are all in a container on the floor. He and mom want to move into a smaller place soon, so I bought the car — I always wanted to drive it. My husband has a co-worker who puts cars back together (and owned a Sunbeam for a short time) that will do the work for me. The car has always been in a nice dry garage, so the body is great. (The tow truck operator was impressed). He’s pretty confident he can get it running again, but he’s a little concerned about the state of the clutch, and the ramifications if it needs work. He crawled around underneath as much as he could in Daddy’s garage. Now that it is at his place, he has a "pit" and will get a better look underneath.

Lori N.