Tom, many thanks for your reply. I was unaware of your article on the main website, which looks very thorough, and I shall now devour with great interest.

On Googling around, I have found some favourable reports on the Milodon pumps, and nothing unfavourable, so your report is an interesting comparison. One reason may be differences in the vehicles, ie it may work well enough for example in a Mustang or kit car. Just an observation: the picutre of the Milodon pump shows what looks like a backing plate, which I think should not be fitted on these pumps.

On both the performance, and the fitting, I just wonder if you might have had a pump designated for a 351W or a different timing cover than that in the Tiger? There are quite a few different models. I have checked mine and I think it should fit OK. The distance to the flange measures 13.2cm which is surprisingly close to spec (13cm).

When I bought my car, there was a pump problem. The flange had apparently not been pressed into the correct position, and it broke a fan belt on the way home! On inspection, the pulleys were out of alignment by nearly 10mm! Now I have fixed that, no more fan belt problems.

My car cooling performance seems unusual, in that performance at idle is quite good, even in a heatwave. My concern is, that on high speed runs it creeps up too far. Having said that, even though the gauge has been near 250 at times, she never boils. But I guess we all want to feel fully confident with our cars, so I shall be reading your article throughly.

Thanks from me and on behalf of all Tiger owners for your contribution.