There is a Trans-Dapt bellhousing that had the Ford 6-bolt bellhousing pattern on the front, and the early Ford toploader pattern (small bearing retainer, narrow bolt pattern) on the rear.

There are two or three things that aren’t perfect about it: One is that it’s made for the larger (164 tooth) flywheel and starter combination, but there are a couple of different ways to work around that. The other two things are that the Tiger tunnel is too tight, right where the firewall to transmission tunnel seam is, and the starter bulge on the right side of the bellhousing hits the tunnel as well.

I found one of these on eBay, made it fit, and made an adapter for the starter so the 157 tooth flywheel and standard starter would fit. However, I changed my mind, and put a T5 in instead. The bellhousing went to Dan Walters.

For what you want to do, it is more straightforward to get a Ford 6 bolt aluminum bellhousing, and get a larger bearing retainer from a later toploader. You will have to have some blocks welded into the bellhousing to accept the transmission to bellhousing bolts, and get them drilled and tapped using the bearing retainer as an alignment fixture. I would be surprised if none of the toploader shops do this…

Another option is to get a wide-pattern toploader case and transfer your transmission internals and tail housing to it. Depending on your opinion in the close ratio vs. wide ratio debate, you might just want to swap a wide ratio gearset onto your mainshaft while you’re at it.