I installed the M-6007-XE3M Crate engine in 2004. Here quickly, are some of the things I did. I know there is much more so If you want additional information let me know.

• I tried to use the early Aluminum "TIGER" valve covers from
the 260 engine but I had to modify the ends of the covers,
redesign the baffles (not remove) and use two gaskets for
stock rocker arm clearance.
• Early 302 front cover with the front dip stick
• The front sump pan that came with the engine with the dipstick
hole plugged. Don’t forget that! The engine I got had the
Explorer serpentine drive, front cover and pump. They sell
them with “V” drives now.
• Windage tray
• Stock oil pump
• Headers with 2 ½” exhaust.
• A 50 oz balancer with the nose machined back to use the stock
front accessory drive locations.
• Four bolt pulley. I think there are now three bolt 50 oz
balancers available.
• Stock engine mounts (USA MADE, NOT TIWAN JUNK that
relocates the engine!).
• New transmission cross member with slightly modified early
Mustang or Tiger rubber mount.
• A T-5 with the 3.35 low and .68 OD and the 2.88 rear. It starts
from a stop very smoothly and goes 72 MPH at 2000 RPM.
• Steel front T-5 bearing retainer
• Short, reversed shift lever
• Later Mustang six bolt housing and Mustang diaphragm clutch.
• Edelbrock Performer Manifold
• Holley 600 four barrel carburetor with a Holley fuel pressure
• Edelbrock High flow aluminum water pump with the fan flange
moved back 7/16”. That’s all it takes to make a “Tiger” water
• A re-curved 1966 vacuum advance distributor with the
recommended steel gear and the Pertronix I solid state
• A Griffin aluminum radiator
• Stock Tiger drive shaft.