hi all the techs at ford racing are real helpful one of the techs ibelive his name is ray droped this crate engine in a tiger . he told me the following things must be done. 1 – use your tiger water pump 2 – a steel dist gear must be used. 3 – use the tiger oil pan ,oil pick up and dipstick ? (this i am not sure if it must be done i dont see any clearance problems with the pan that comes with the crate >but i droped my engine out the bottom. 4 – a 64 to (I think 84) 6 bolt top loader bell housing( must be modified if you use the stock 4 speed trans Doug jennings knows a shop that will do this work. ( if you use the 5 speed i dont know what bell housing you will need ) 5- you need the edelbrock performer intake. 6- you need your tiger valve covers. note dont have mine in yet so i dont know, but am thinking a larger exaust system may be necessary to let this little screamer breath and work the way it was ment to 6 – the flywheel must be drilled to fit the tiger clutch… luck earl blu oval