I’m also in the midst of setting up a fuel injected roller-cam motor in my Sunbeam project. I’m using the ’93 302 block and I’ve accumulated some Ford Motorsport Cobra/GT40 fuel injected manifolds. They flow a lot more air and are fairly short in height. That intake assy is a two-piece… top plenum with throttle body and lower intake that has bosses for the fuel injectors and contains all of your water passages. You can also obtain these manifolds from the 5.0 Ford Explorers. My project involves using only the lower manifold and I’ll make a custom aluminum upper plenum that fits under a fiberglass hood. One other lower manifold that works well and is an inexpensive upgrade is found on 302 F150 truck motors. The ports are larger than the T-Bird/Cougar, and are shaped differently. Main difference between the F150/Bronco systems vs the T-Bird/Cougar setups is runner length. Car manifolds are shorter due to hood clearance as opposed to the trucks and the longer plenum length is better for torque. Shorter length primarily works well for upper RPM usage. Your imagination is your only limitation.