I have bought rear springs from two vendors, British Victoria and Dale Azk…. whatever. I talked to Dale first and it took him aroung 5 months to send his springs. He is hard to get in contact with and at the time was out of stock. So it took him awhile to get new ones made. In the meantime, I ordered a set from Vic Brit and thought I canceled Dale’s. The end result was two sets delivered within a week of each other.
Vic Brit are very well made by British Springs in the UK. Close to stock in appearance but have one less leaf than stock.
Dales have less leafs than stock but each leaf is thicker and the spring rate is stiffer than stock. His has a anti-windup feature. A half leave from the front spring eye extends to the middle of the spring. Its basicly a half leaf and you do not need Traction Masters. On my mostly stock engine it eliminates wheel hop. The quality is not up to Vic Brits. Mine have some type of tool marks and one of the anti-windup leafs is wrapped about a inch longer than the other.
If you are looking for stock appearence buy Vic Brits. Want to eliminate wheel hop and need a stiffer spring? Then buy Dale’s springs.