Oh, it’s a T-bird alright; not, alas, an Alpine. Look VERY carefully at the grill and in the shadow, you’ll see the distinctive overriders. And the reflection of the turn lamps is clearly different than a Lucas lamp. But, if you check the history, it was Kenneth Howes who had the most influence on the early Alpine design. Having honed his skills at Studebaker in South Bend in the early ’50’s, then in the Ford design group in Detroit shortly later, before being recruited by the Rootes Group as Assitant Chief Appearance Designer (line up a Studebaker Hawk, an early T-bird and an Alpine — coincidence? I think not!), Howes had a strong influence on the styling of the "reintroduced" Alpine in 1959.

Great picture, nonetheless. But I would doubt that an American musical would highlight a British car.

My two Euros…