Small update – when the engine was rebuilt, they replaced the hub with a 5/8″ hub it seems, the hub measures at 5/8″ and the 4-blade fan has room on either side of the hub, so I’ll be able to use a standard fan blade. I ordered another fan blade, this time NOS, from http://www.greensalescompany.com in Ohio. Very helpful, they were able to look through a variety of fan blades from the period that were 6″ w/different diameters and hubs, very knowledgable. I’ve got one on order that’s 14 15/16ths, or thereabouts. I went with it instead of the Derale as the Derale is about 2″ thick, and it might not have enough clearance with the radiator. Plus, I’d rather use a Ford part if I can find one. Anyone want a Derale fan new-in-box before I return it? 😉

I’ll post a report when the Ford fan shows up, hopefully soon.